Friday, September 02, 2011

30 x 20 x 1.5 inches

Bonnie G Morrow
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We just got back from the ocean this week and had such a great time in the fog and with a sunburn.....oh, you sneaky fog! Anyway, I spent most of the week crocheting rocks and hiding them on the beach and then watching people find them from where we were camped. It was so entertaining. There was a little boy who walked back and forth at least a dozen times atop the driftwood and right by the rocks without noticing. Finally he noticed one and picked it up and then tossed it on the ground. Then he played some more and found another one and tossed it on the ground followed by more play. Then he very nonchalantly went down to the second rock and looked around then picked it up and put it under his shirt. He then went to the first rock and picked it up and hid it under his shirt then dashed off to his campsite. An adult came by, saw a rock, picked it up turned it over and checked it out thoroughly and then put it back where it was found. By the end of the week I had added a few crocheted golf balls to the hidden rocks and they disappeared very quickly with a couple rocks. When finally we had to return home there was still a rock waiting to be found and the man camped next to us came over and said he would keep an eye on it. He also brought me the most beautiful pure white rock bigger than my fist with absolutely no imperfections for me to crochet for myself! It is absolutely gorgeous and I stopped on our way home to pick up some black thread to crochet over it with and will put a photo up once it is finished. Aren't people so wonderful!


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