Friday, March 09, 2007

Acrylic Painting Abstract Orbs Series BG Morrow stretched canvas “IGNORE HIS DREAMS”

IGNORE HIS DREAMS (2189), 30" x 30" x 1.5", acrylics on museum quality stretched canvas with staple free sides painted black, no framing needed. $300.00 (shipping/insurance/tracking $35.00) This is part of my Orbs / Angels Heaven inspired series. Painted in 2007. You may purchase the painting use the PayPal button or you may go to my secure website to make the purchase. See website connection below photo.

Bonnie G. Morrow, aka Ambrosia Arts, Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Fine Art Abstract original Contemporary modern paintings on canvas

THOUGHTS: We found a mole in our yard once. I wonder, since he wasn’t underground, do you think he had become lost? He was just laying in the garden and not trying to run away. I think that maybe he was completely disoriented by being out of the ground. As I wondered about him and I wondered if he was wondering about me? Odd Little Creatures ~ Bonnie G. Morrow

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