Sunday, December 17, 2006

“TANGLED UP” Oil Painting Abstract Geometric BG Morrow stretched canvas Earth tones

Tangled Up, 4 x 6 x .75", oil on stretched canvas $29.00 (shipping/insurance/tracking $6.00)

Bonnie G. Morrow, aka Ambrosia Arts, Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Fine Art Abstract original Contemporary modern paintings on canvas

THOUGHTS: I Don’t know what is going on, but I had another very interesting dream. I know everyone dreams, but I am one of those people who very rarely remembers dreaming and this week I have had 2 dreams that I remember....odd for me. Anyway, I was at home and there were all kinds of people in and out of our home, friends and such. Everyone seemed happy and like everything was normal. I seemed to be the only person there that realized I had no shirt on. So, I tried to act normal since no one seemed to think it was odd except me, but I must tell you, I felt so strange and out of place. I didn’t know where to put my arms or hands. Very strange dream......

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