Tuesday, December 26, 2006

“KNOWLEDGE AND FEAR” Oil Painting Abstract Geometric BG Morrow stretched canvas Bob Dylan inspired

Knowledge and Fear, 4 x 6 x .75", oil on stretched canvas $29.00 (shipping/insurance/tracking $6.00)

Bonnie G. Morrow, aka Ambrosia Arts, Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Fine Art Abstract original Contemporary modern paintings on canvas

THOUGHTS: I hope all of you had very Happy Holidays! I had a wonderful time with family and friends. It was a very warm and loving holiday for us. I am excited to be back at work. We were so busy for two days that I couldn’t do any painting and it is kind of like not being able to get any sleep. It is such an important part of my life and it just feels very odd not to have it in my daily routine.

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