Tuesday, January 17, 2012



One Size / 14 1/2" Long from point to top

Original Hand Crafted Fingerless Gloves / Cuffs


Bonnie G Morrow

If you would like to purchase these cuffs click on this link:


This is a pair of elegant, chic, stylish and warm wool fingerless gloves / cuffs - elbow length. These edgy asymmetrical cuffs can be worn alone or over your sleeves or coat to create a great Chic addition to any outfit - or just to change out a drab outfit to something new and exciting. Will keep your hands and arms warm and comfy in this fine pure wool in a soft lavender purple. Closures of large wooden rustic buttons - buttons can be moved for a tighter fit. The points have been embellished with a curved stitch to add style and they are fully lined with wool for a double insulated warmth. I suggest dry cleaning or hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry. One size fits most.

Always handmade with love.


These make wonderful and unique gifts or just for your personal use. Very feminine and unique without being too froo-froo.

Please contact me with any questions, as it is of utmost importance to me that my customers are completely satisfied.

Thank you for looking at my work.

Best ~ Bonnie


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